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Installation of Solar PV Battery Storage

store your excess energy for use later on.

Maximise the Solar Energy Usage in YOUR home

Reduce your reliance on the National Grid

Reduce your energy bills even further

Enhancing your Solar PV System with Batteries

Alongside a Solar PV Installation, and become popular the last few years, batteries allow you to store the excess energy that the system generates during those sunny hours, so you can use it later on, rather than feeding it back to the grid.

During the summer months the only charge on our Electricity Bill has been the daily standing charge

How we can support your battery install.

If you are looking for an installer for Your Solar PV System, then we’d love to help. We can accommodate Battery installations on new and existing Solar PV arrays, so even if you do have Solar already batteries are an option.

Benefits of Batteries

Maximise your solar

Maximise Solar Energy Use: Rather than exporting the energy you generate on those high solar days, save it to use during the evenings.

Reduce Energy Bills: Save on the energy you pay for during the evening by using the free energy you’ve stored.

Still Earn From Exporting: If you have anything left after filling the battery you can still export this to the grid, by applying for an export tariff you can get paid for this too.

Provide Power In An Emergency: The batteries can be set-up to provide power to a socket or circuit, which means you can have power during an outage. 

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