Thinking about an electric car? Have one on the way?

charging your car at home, the best option for maximum saving.

If you are looking for an installer for a new Electric Vehicle Charger, then we’d love to help. You can contact us for a quotation, which is now at 0% VAT since the changes in February 2024.

What is the process and what’s included?

If you are thinking about an electric car, or have one on the way, then the most cost effective way of charging it is through a home car charger. These can be installed at the majority of properties, provided your car is kept off-road.

When we receive enquiries for chargers, we will make a home visit to discuss with you where you would like the charger, check your existing electrical supply and provide you with a quotation.

How much does an EV Charger Cost? A standard installation of the Myenergi 7kW Tethered Zappi would be £995, this includes the unit, cabling, labour and certificates. We would also set you upon the Myenergi App, where you can control the charging of the car, and if you have it assist with linking it to your Solar PV installation.

In order to make the most saving, you would also want to look at swapping (or applying if you are with them) to an electrical supplier that has an EV tariff. Octopus is the most popular, who offer a low over-night tariff.

Chargers We Install

Myenergi Zappi 7kW Home Charger

We use the Myenergi 7kW Zappi Car Charger, tethered and untethered, in our installations. They are a UK manufacturer, and designed specifically for the use alongside Solar PV installations (although you don’t need solar for them to work).

A tethered charger, the most popular and convenient, comes with the charging cable attached, so pull up, pop the cover and plug in.