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Personalised Solar PV, Battery and EV Charger designs for your home.

generating energy from the sun to use everyday, for a brighter future.

0% VAT! From 1st February 2024 EV Chargers and Battery Installations are included in the VAT Relief.

Independent 5-Year Warranty Insurance with ALL Solar PV Installations

We’ve been installing Solar PV since 2010

Fully Accredited through MCS and Part P

You’ve been thinking about the future.

With the rising energy costs now becoming something of a ‘norm’ expectation of the future, now is a good time to think about investing in Solar PV, generating your own energy….

Our Services: Solar PV

Installing Solar PV on Your Home

Find out about Solar PV, the benefits it can have for your home and how Sol Solar can help you start generating in as little as 3 weeks.

Our Services: Battery Storage

Storing Electricity into batteries

Find out how we can help you with storing your excess energy by fitting batteries to your Solar, we can do this with new systems or existing upgrades.

Our Services: Car Chargers

Charging your Electric Car

More about our installation of the Myenergi Zappi 7kW Electric Car Chargers and getting a quote for your Home installation.

About solar panels

How does solar work, how will it save you money, is it a worthwhile investment, what features of your home are ideal for generation ….

UK Based Manufacturer

We use myenergi products across our installations, because we think they are one of the best …

Solar Inverters, Battery Storage and EV Chargers all from one UK based designer and manufacturer! Myenergi products will help you save energy, save time and save money.

Our Director Jessica talks more about Myenergi products that we use and why they will make a big difference in your home.

find out how much your home could save with solar pv

complete our ‘Quotation’ form with your details and we’ll prepare you a personalised quotation with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Who are we?

Sol Solar (formerly Solar 4 Trades) is a business designed around YOU, we are here to make your transition to using the renewable energy in your home as easy and efficient as possible. We’ve been installing solar for over a decade, and believe it is one of those easiest ways to upgrade your home, becoming more self-sufficient.

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