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Why Should I Invest In Myenergi Products

Myenergi is a UK Manufacturer of products that we love and use wherever we can in our Solar PV installations, for Batteries and for Car Chargers. Here is why …..

The company started from the question, “Why isn’t there a car charger that can benefit from the energy generated from Solar PV?”. Since then, Myenergi has been growing in strength to strength since 2016, and doesn’t seem to be stopping. In fact, Myenergi was recognised by The Times in 2023 at #26 in the top 100 fastest-growing private companies in the UK. The Zappi, was voted Auto Trader UK Home Charger of the Year in 2023.

Right at the outset, we decided that the Zappi Home Charger was the one we were going to use as our go-to product for our clients, matching well with our Solar installations. 

In 2023 they released their Libbi, a Solar PV Inverter with Battery Storage. We got our hands on one as early as we could, installing it on our own home Solar system, and regret nothing ever since. Here is why we advocate for Myenergi products, and why we include them wherever we can in our Solar PV Designs. And we aren’t the only ones, Steven Bartlett, entrepreneur and founder of Diary of CEO Podcast talks about Myenergi here.

One Manufacturer, One Control System, One App, Functions At Your Fingertips

The Myenergi App allows you to control your system wherever you are, for lots of different functions. And when you are using all their products, it seamlessly adds them to one place.

  • That means you want your Solar to Charge your Battery, then send excess to your Electric Car instead of the grid, no problem.
  • You want your Solar to Charge your Electric Car, then send it to the Battery, no problem.
  • You want your Solar to send everything to the grid (not sure why you’d want that, but still), no problem.

All on the App.

The Libbi Inverter and Battery system is modular, which means you can add 1 battery now, and up to 3 more at a later date. And now with the 0% VAT available on Battery and Car Charger installation, you can be a bit more flexible with needs

In Action; We’ve experienced other monitoring Apps and found they have less functionality, more confusion, and when you have issue with them getting support is much harder. With the Myenergi App we can set a schedule of what we want, change it for just one day if we want, override our options, take advantage of off-peak low energy tariffs.

Power-cut (blackout) back up system

The Libbi is designed to allow for easier wiring of the system to a back-up circuit. So if you’ve chosen this option, when there is a blackout, you can still have power to a dedicated circuit. 

In Action; We’ve got a dedicated circuit that means when we have a power cut our battery powers our Home Office, so we can have lights, internet and a computer still functioning. It means we can still work, but also it means the kids aren’t going crazy.

Charge directly from the Grid

The system can be set to best benefit any smart or off-peak energy tariffs. Setting the schedule for when energy prices are at their lowest. Most energy providers now have overnight tariffs when you have an Electric Car, so you can charge it much cheaper. And with this, you can charge the battery from the grid too.

In Action; In the winter, when the battery doesn’t get enough to make a full charge, it can be topped up overnight during the low tariff. Our 10kW battery during January hardly charged during the day (as expected) as the house was using everything that was generated. Instead, we set the battery to charge from the grid overnight at our low tariff with Octopus. So we gain another 10kW of energy, to use at peak times, at the off-peak rate.

UK Based Manufacturing & Customer Service

The company has a new, state of the art, manufacturing facility next door to their UK headquarters in Stallingborough, Grimsby. Making it one of the few UK based Solar manufacturers of Inverters and Batteries.

In Action; We experienced this first hand, our Inverter was unfortunately damaged during delivery, with a connector loose. We contacted the Services, were talked through checking out the functionality and sent some pictures, a new inverter was sent out, the old one collected, and it was all seamless and straightforward. We obviously don’t want this to happen to you, but rest assured our experience is a gold star should there be an issue. 

Lots of Options….

When it comes to investing in renewable technology there are lots of options, and it is important to make the right choice for you. So we’d be remiss if we didn’t also share a few of the Cons.

  • It costs more! There is no ‘beating around the bush’ with this. The Myenergi set of products is the Levi to the Asda’s Own comparison. On average, the Inverter and 10kWp Battery set-up will cost around 30% more than the other brands on the market.
  • The App is still in its basic form, so although it has great options and functionality, we are still waiting on being able to download and review past generation easier.
  • At the moment, the Libbi Inverter comes as a maximum 5kW, which means that larger systems, and we are installing on average 6kWp-8kWp systems, need a second single phase inverter, usually a different manufacturer – although the controller does work to manage the whole system.

That said, if you are looking for a system that works as an eco-system of products throughout your home, want great customer care, control over how the system works at your fingertips, then Myenergi could be just what you want.

If you would like to find out to incorporate this into your home, what the design and costs look like, then click here for a personalised quotation. We could have you up and running with your own renewable energy technology in just 6 weeks!