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The Good and Not-So Good of Solar Batteries

Solar batteries, also known as energy storage systems or solar storage batteries, play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of solar PV systems.

Batteries store excess energy generated from the solar array during periods of high sunlight. 

A solar array generates throughout the day, feeding our homes. When the demand of our home is met, usually the excess energy is fed back into the grid. Instead of giving away that energy (although you can get an export tariff) you can store it in the batteries for use later.

The BENEFITS of Solar Batteries …

Over the last few years Solar Batteries have formed part of the design for nearly ALL the installations that we look at, here are a few reasons why….

The not-so-good of Solar Batteries …

No technology, especially the new kind, is without its downsides, and batteries are no exception …

In conclusion …. 

Before investing in a solar battery system, you should look at what your energy needs are. A great way to do this is to look over your usage over the last 12 months, and see whether batteries will make a saving for you or not right now.

Solar batteries are here to stay, and they will only be getting better. If you do want to consider what we deem ‘best on market’ then take a look at Myenergi.

If you would like some further advice or have any questions, then we’d be happy to answer them. And if you would like a personalised quotation so you can see what the costs are for you, with no obligation at all, you can complete our form right here.